Corporate Packages

Corporate Presentation

The new normal in business requires a fresh approach to your communication tactics.

Rethink the packaging and delivery of your content—now more than ever—to continue to engage and cut through the clutter. Your audiences are wherever their screens are these days. That’s an advantage: We bring your business to your prospects with the ease and power of video.

Nicki’s Network interviews your people and your client success stories. We edit and package content for use with your customers, prospects, and even internal communication—uniting remote workers.

Nicki’s warm, conversational approach lets your message take the spotlight. You just relax and tell your story. We edit into digestible segments and package it up for you. One video session may yield a myriad of content themes for a variety of channels and you quickly have a custom campaign by audience.

With so many channels, it is important to integrate and unify with our video packages. Video assets can be repurposed on your website, social media channels, digital advertising, and email campaigns.

Need help with video campaign strategy? We can help with that, too, drawing on our experience of producing thousands of successful videos.

Time for your corporate message to break through.

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